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If We are all licensed to sell anywhere in the State of Washington, then why don't we have one MLS to cover the whole state?

It has always been my belief that since we are licensed to sell anywhere in the state of Washington we should have one MLS to cover the whole state. The benefits for us Brokers and our clients would be enormous.

For us Brokers, we would all have the same rules and standards to govern us, we would all have complete access to all listings in the state and it would place us all on the same playing field. No more worrying about cooperating brokers, lowered commissions, or missing sales because they were listed on another MLS.

For our clients, it would give us the opportunity to give them the best possible service allowed. Having access to all listings, we would have more properties to show prospective Buyers. We would have more opportunities to sell in other areas or the ability to utilize a larger database for referrals. For our Sellers, it would give tens of thousands of agents access to their listings and subsequently place their listing on almost every real estate web site in Washington State.

Because of this belief, Katz Realty, Inc. has joined the largest MLS in Washington State, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The NWMLS has approximately member agents in member offices located in almost every county in Washington State and it is growing. The "NWMLS" is very strict about their data base and utilizes excellent software. The NWMLS even has its own public web site, www.nwrealestate.com If you are interested in finding out more benefits of the NWMLS then you may research yourself.

If you believe in the concept of a "One State MLS", then you must know that it is up to us to make it happen. All the other MLS's in Washington State are miniscule in comparison, so it is only logical to make the largest one, the only one. If we all join, then we will make it happen.

Disclaimer: My company is a just member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. I personally, nor my company, nor anyone affiliated with me has any ownership in the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. I was not hired by, nor requested by the Northwest Multiple Listing Service to advertise for them. It is merely my belief that Washington State Brokers should have a "One State" multiple listing service and it is also my belief that the Northwest Multiple Listing Service is the obvious choice.

I would love to hear any feedback that you may have, good or bad on this subject.

Patrick Katz - Owner/Broker of Katz Realty, Inc.

How we work with agents outside of the NWMLS:

Working for the client is our #1 priority. I am a cooperating broker with any company that brings in a Buyer. I do not believe in unfair commission splits or non-payment of commissions because an agent/broker is outside of the MLS I belong to. Any company that brings in a Buyer, you will receive a 50/50 split on the commission.

I do, however, expect ANY agent we work with to do their job. I do not believe that an agent can truly represent a client on a real property transaction if they have not seen the property. So if you want to write an offer for a Buyer, then I believe you should be the one showing the property to that Buyer.

According to the NWMLS rules, only the Seller or a member of the NWMLS can open the home for showings, inspections, appraisers, etc. If it is a NWMLS member, the member must remain in the property at all times during the showing, inspection, appraisal, etc. Regarding this NWMLS rule, it is my office policy not to have the listing agent alone with the Buyer, or any entity that is contracted by the Buyer. Because of this, if your Buyer has an inspection, appraisal, has requested additional showing, or anything of the like, then you as the Buyers agent must be there with them.

Beyond these matters, I only expect other agents to work within the scope of the laws of the State of Washington and the standards as set forth by the their own MLS (if a member).

We welcome any agent that would like to work with us, either through sales or referrals.

Patrick Katz - Owner/Broker of Katz Realty, Inc.

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