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From the closing of one, emerged the strength of another.

"We must forever strive to be a leader in our profession, to always remember we are here to help those who come to us while keeping in mind our responsibility to represent them not just legally, but also morally." - Patrick R Katz

Turf Realty Logo It all began in a small real estate office back in 2002. As the sales associates for a local real estate company, Turf Realty, Inc., gathered for their weekly "Tuesday" sales meeting, none of them new what was about to come. It was "just another meeting" until the owner and broker of the company announced that by the following Friday, they would be closed for good. It was a surprise to them all. The company had been in business since 1977 - over 25 years in business and now a sudden closure. With uncertainty in their future, the sales associates gathered together to figure out what to do. It was that day when Bill Katz first came up with the idea of opening a business, and it was his idea that his youngest son, Patrick Katz, be the designated broker. It took a while to get everything together, but by the fall of 2003, Katz Realty, Inc. was open for business.

Although it was sad to see "Turf" go, it was a blessing in disguise for those of us who remained. We took the things we liked about Turf and carried them with us, but the "new beginning" advanced us all farther than we had been or even imagined. We were the first in our area to join the largest Multiple Listing Service in Washington State, the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. Unlike the other MLS's in Washington, the Northwest MLS services every county in the state and currently boasts 29,375 members. We made these changes not only to improve ourselves, but to best represent our clients. It is a drive we continue to follow, to do everything we can to help our clients.

Katz Realty, Inc. is now in its sixteenth year of operation. We offer our services to Buyers and Sellers of all property types including Homes, Bare Lots, Large Acreage Parcels, Commercial Properties, Agricultural Properties and Lake Properties. With our location and large coverage area, we service properties that represent a wide variety of terrain, from the "mountains" to the "dry dessert" and from the "rural communities" to the "city". Washington State has a little of everything and we can help you find it.

Although not everyone in the office has the Katz last name, we are like a big family nonetheless. Our family includes: Sharyn Hutsell who came from Turf along with Bill and Patrick, Rick Sawyer who joined when we opened, then Kevin Katz came on board and is also the designer/creator of the web site you see now. And as of today, our family has grown to include Patrick Katz, Rick Sawyer, Alice Nachtigal, Ralph Nachtigal, Michelle Melgren, Jeanie Zornes, Summer Katz, Jade Jahn and Amber Zaglow who are all invaluable additions to our team. All of our realtors have their own style and their own specialties, but we all have the same goal: to provide the type service that our clients need and to give them the quality of service that they deserve.

"When it comes to Real Estate, We're here for you!"

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